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Hope for a large Kissimmee Theme Park?

Back in 2004 a group of Louisiana investors lay claim on a 450 acre property essentially adjacent to Walt Disney World (it backs the community of Celebration and I-4 and is accessible from Hwy 192). Unfortunately Katrina washed out those plans. Before that Doug Henning and partners were going to erect a theme park mixing magic and Transcendental Meditation. That fell through for various reasons, including the death of Henning. I’m sure there have been other attempts to work over that plot as well.

I was talking with my sources about the property a couple months ago and now the Orlando Sentinel confirms that the current asking price is in the $150 million range. Which is about on target, until you factor in that large portions of the acreage are un-developable wetlands.

The track is still zoned for a theme park and resort. Osceola County and Kissimmee could really use the economic dollars, you’d hope they’re out there trying to recruit potential theme park developers.

So let’s help out the area with a little focus group in the comments below. Leaving aside if competition with Disney is possible or advisable, what sort of theme park/amusement park do you think would do well in that plot? What is the Orlando mix missing?