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Disney’s Wide World of Sports moves closer to ESPN brand

USA Today has a profile of Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex at the Walt Disney World resort and the miracle of its 11 year over night success. Okay, it’s not a miracle, but it finally is becoming more integrated with the overall WDW experience and will become even more so as the park moves to integrate the ESPN Brand.

Al Weiss, who oversaw development of the Sports Complex as Disney’s executive vice president, is president of Worldwide Operations of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We had a vision of how we thought phase I would be and we’ve achieved all that we expected,” Weiss says. “The venue was designed to be very flexible and that’s why we’ve started to expand.”

“We could have one of the ESPN hosts welcome the competitors and later have highlights,” Potrock says. “You can look up at a monitor and see your 12-year-old, just as if he was on SportsCenter. “We’ll have monitors in restaurants, hotel rooms and on ESPN 360 or Grandma back home in Washington, D.C., can be watching her grandson compete at Disney. The kids not only will feel like they’re playing on fields that are big time, but they will feel like they’ve made the big time. That’s the feeling we’re trying to create.”

Me personally? I can’t wait for the bowling alley. I’d like to see more chances for the everyday guest to participate and feel like they’re playing in the big time. More at USA Today.