Disney Fan Podcast Review – Jenn’s Top Picks

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Ricky finishes Alien Encounter 101, Lou geeks out over the Muppets and another member of the Window to the Magic Dream Team takes over the airwaves, all this and more this week on

My Top Picks from the Podosphere

Well everybody, I’m back from a whirlwind 2 weeks at Walt Disney World. No, this will not be a trip report. If I can find two seconds to spare I’ll post a trip report on my blog. Let’s get back in to what I do best; covering my favorite podcasts!

This week on Inside the Magic #178, Ricky has some fun and exciting news to share. It seems the Kim Possible adventure will be coming to Epcot after all. In late 2008, this fun new attraction will debut at Epcot’s World Showcase. Yes, pod-lovers, Disney will consider this an attraction at Epcot which means there will be no additional charge to play. How great is that? Michael Phelps was given a hero’s welcome at the Magic Kingdom on August 29th. Video of the event can be found on the ITM feed. I love Michael Phelps; he’s from my neck of the woods. Seeing the reception he received was very heartwarming, if only he had been there a week earlier.

The other interesting bit of news has to do with the upcoming Toy Story 3, due in theaters June 18, 2010. Paige O’Hara will be returning as Barbie and her favorite boy-toy Ken will be making an appearance as well, voiced by Michael Keaton. Beetle Juice as Ken? I like it! Also on this week’s show Jay and Mark bring us another Backstage Pass. I usually like these a lot. This time, though I wasn’t very sure what was going on? They wowed me with their production quality as always but the topic was a bit out there.

The other big segment this week was Ricky’s stroll through the Alien Encounter Study Guide. Since I didn’t have access to any new podcasts while in Walt Disney World, I have to admit I had no idea what was going on with this segment. Alien Encounter was not my favorite attraction so hearing the details on how to close up shop didn’t really interest me. Ricky did mention that he has some other study guides lying around. I’m crossing my fingers for ‘It’s a Small World’ or ‘Peter Pan’s Flight.’ I would love to know how they evac guests out of those two. In keeping with the theme, Skipper Ben provides us with some more adventures at MuppetVision 3D, namely the official scripts that no one ever hears. Tune into this week’s Inside the Magic for all this and much more.

WDWRadio #82 is a tribute to all things American but mostly the Muppets. In an effort to keep on schedule, Lou put together a little something to hold us over. No news or rumors this week, just a man geeking out with two former staff writers for the Henson Company, Jim Lewis and Craig Shemin. These guys were instrumental in the concept, design and creation of MuppetVision 3D. The stories they have are great. If you’re a Muppets fan you definitely don’t want to miss this one.

And finally this week, WTTM 163 is brought to us by yet another Dream Team member. John takes us on a virtual trip to Disneyland Paris. Using a mix of audio and his personal experiences, we get to hear all about this park and what makes it unique. What is the secret in the dungeons of Sleeping Beauty castle? Take a spooky ride through Phantom Manor. Pirates of the Caribbean, in French? For a unique look at this park tune into WTTM this week. I haven’t had the chance to catch up on the show’s I missed yet. I’m wondering if I missed the Dichter episode. A girl can dream.