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Injured Disneyland Guest Fights for Medical Reimbursement and Wins!

A guest at California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort was injured attempting to board the Maliboomer attraction. It was a serious enough injury to knock him unconscious and send him to the hospital for stitches. What followed was nearly a year long effort to get Disney to pay the bills they promised to. In the end it took a Executive Email Carpet Bomb to get the job done.

When I asked Mr. Steever when they determined that Disney was not liable and therefore not willing to pay the claim, he advised it was “sometime in April.” Again, this conversation took place on August 19th, so that is a full four months that we were left in the dark about this. When I asked him why it took him so long to let us know, he said he was sorry, but he “dropped the ball.”

What I like about this is that neither party resorted to the courts to get the matter resolved. It also shows a little of the inner workings of how Disney handles injuries in its parks. My family had a similar situation in the early 80s and I remember Disney going out of their way to be of assistance.

Btw, the Maliboomer attraction is scheduled to removed as part of the makeover that’s coming to Disneyland’s second gate to bring it up to snuff with it’s neighbor.

The full story is over on Consumerist.