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Christopher Robin Usurper Given the Axe

The Animation Guild Blog passes along the news that the third season of My Friends Tigger and Pooh has been canceled. This after the crew working on the show was told that the third season was a certainty. Looks like belt tightening is occurring across the Walt Disney Company.

While it is obviously a bad day for the animators, most of whom will need to find new jobs in a tough economy, I am happy that this little experiment replacing the classic character of Christopher Robin with a young hip girl named “Darby” was not a success. The show wasn’t bad for what it tried to do, but what it didn’t do was tell compelling stories and it stretched the brand outside the limits of credibility. Hopefully Disney will be able to get back to the original characters now and continue the Pooh story for a new generation of kids.

4 thoughts on “Christopher Robin Usurper Given the Axe”

  1. This is good news (not for the animators, who hopefully will get other employment quickly). My daughter likes the “Winnie the Pooh” movies, but she doesn’t like the “My Friends Tigger and Pooh” series. It just didn’t click with her. Hopefully they’ll create a new Winnie the Pooh series with Christopher Robin and tell interesting stories.

  2. I wish people would stop talking about the “brand” as if the stock price is all that matters. How many times did Walt talk about the brand? I would bet zero.

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