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Miley Cyrus Crashes Gay Days at Disneyland

When Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel show of the same name, celebrates her “Sweet 16” with a gala special ticketed event at Disneyland on October 5th, she’ll be crashing an event that has had the first weekend in October to itself for a decade. Last year Gay Days attracted 30,000 interested visitors to the Disneyland Resort in an ‘unofficial’ gathering that never-the-less typically sees lots of support from Disneyland and surrounding businesses. This year, is likely to attract even more.

Still, if I was planning to attend Disneyland that weekend, I wouldn’t get worked up about it. It actually works out better for those planning to attend Gay Days that weekend. Their Disneyland Park visit is scheduled for Saturday, and California Adventure on Sunday. With Disneyland’s early opening on Sunday and extended hours for California Adventure, they’ll actually get more time in park to explore and have fun.

Plus, you never know. You may bump into Miley.