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The Huge Size of Harry Potter World at Universal IOA

The other day I had the opportunity to see exactly how big the show building Universal is building to house the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction. It’s huge! I’m trying to think of an equivilant so you get the idea. It’s about the size of 5 large department stores in your local mall. The building is nearly as tall as the Matterhorn and you could practically fit all of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland inside (just leave out the Subs and Autopia).

Dewayne Bevil of the Orlando Sentinel also recently stopped by to check on the progress of the construction. What he noted was that the construction itself was a bit of an attraction.

Guests are gathering along a new bridge that connects the park’s Lost Continent and Jurassic Park areas and provides a prime viewing spot of the construction at the much-anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There’s more to see than I would have guessed, and you won’t have to stand on a friend’s shoulder to get a peek.

Last week, I observed workers continuing to tear down the structure that housed the Enchanted Oak Tavern — the restaurant and bar that resembled a tree. There were a crane in action, hard hats, a crumbling wall and dozens of folks who stopped to watch. The bridge provides an unobstructed sightline for the work and acts as an unofficial preview of Wizarding World.

2010 is the target date for opening of the new land.