Giant Dinosaur Attacks Walt Disney World

T-Rex restaurant gets new inhabitantDoes that Dinosaur look hungry? He’s going to be housed inside a restaurant with his own name on the door and plenty of human sacrifices to fill his belly on a daily basis. Oh sorry, that’s the wrong memo.

That’s actually a photo from this morning of a two-story tall dinosaur being transported on a flatbed truck into Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney. The dinosaur will be featured inside a new restaurant, currently under construction, called “T-Rex: a Prehistoric Family Adventure.” Developed by Schussler Creative, Inc. and operated by Landry’s Restaurants, the 600-seat restaurant will feature dinosaurs, waterfalls, bubbling geysers and a fossil dig site. “T-Rex” will open in mid-October at Downtown Disney. As far as I know, no human sacrifices are scheduled.

(Photo courtesy Disney. Kent Phillips, photographer)

4 thoughts on “Giant Dinosaur Attacks Walt Disney World”

  1. That looks fantastic. An effort to bring dinosaurs back into the consciousness of small children… ahh.. that’d be so nice.

  2. El Rocketeer…

    Working for a children’s museum that has dinosaurs quite frequently, I don’t believe that Dinos have ever left the consciousness of small children. :)

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