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Commercial filming for Next Year’s WDW Promotion

Reader, and the dude that does the server magic for The Disney Blog, Kurtis stumbled upon this film shoot set up in front of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. After a little asking around he discovered it was a commercial for next year’s big Walt Disney World promotion to be called “Magical Gatherings.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve done something similar in the past. Back in 2003 they announced a program called “Magical Gatherings” where you could get a group together and have Disney organize an event or two to make your vacation, well, magical.

So this new promotion could either be something similar or something else. In watching the video below, it seems to me this is a real “Magical Gathering” set up by the lucky couple’s friends.

One cast member said those were actors, but if you watch the couple that goes and hugs the couple that was just engaged, they look genuinely happy, so I suspect this was a real “Magical Gathering” that Disney just asked permission to film for promotional purposes.

In any event, I look forward to seeing what Walt Disney World has in store to attract new guests once the second Year of a Million Dreams promotion is over. Oh yeah, this promotion appears to be Walt Disney World only, Disneyland will be getting a new promotional campaign of their own.

3 thoughts on “Commercial filming for Next Year’s WDW Promotion”

  1. Believe me. They’re actors. If they looked real, it was because that’s how they were (very carefully) selected.

    1. There were two couples: the first one were definitely actors. For the second, I think it was authentic based on what I heard from people afterwards and that they had family with them.

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