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200 million guests for Disneyland Resort Paris

After 16 years of spreading Disney magic across Europe, Disneyland Resort Paris welcomed its 200 millionth visitor this week. A lucky French family was chosen as the official 200th guest and were given free entry and a special dinner (no lifetime passes?).

The park opened as Euro-Disney in 1992 and struggled with debt load due to over-built hotels. But debt restructuring and a second gate has accelerated the gate numbers in recent years.

“We are very proud to reach this symbolic milestone of 200 million visitors,” said Chief executive Karl Holz. “It is proof that the Disneyland Resort Paris unique experience is ever-growing as we continuously strive to offer new and exciting entertainment to our guests.”

It does sound like that 200 million number is for both gates. So Disneyland Paris itself may have a way to go to reach the magic number. But you know how marketers like to play loose with facts and figures if it makes their story read better.

In any event, way to go Disneyland Resort Paris. We knew you could do it. Here’s to another 16 years of Disney magic!