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Independence Day Eve Roundup

Trying a new format for the roundup tonight. What do you think?

At Disneyland:

The OC Register reports that Monorail Red, the first of the new fleet of Mark VII Monorails, will start some limited soft openings for resort guests tonight. Keep your eyes open, I guess. And report back if you get a ride.

I love pictures of old Disneyland and Matterhorn1959 had some excellent pictures last week, not coincidentally from 1959.

At Walt Disney World:

Here’s a great trip report in the form of a blog about a young girl named Ashleigh’s Wish trip to Walt Disney World. Start here to see what her experience was like.

There are now over 4120 signatures on the petition to save the Adventurer’s Club. Have you signed?

Central Florida Attractions:

Busch Gardens and SeaWorld both raised their admission price two dollars (to $68 and $70 respectively). But they’re also offering special deals for locals. So that’s nice.


Alain Littaye of the Disney and More blog reveals possible expansion plans for Hong Kong Disneyland. Don’t be surprised to see Disney shift some of their financial resources overseas while the US travel market is soft.


The website for Beverly Hills Chihuahua is live. Notably it includes a suggestion to consult with the ASPCA before adopting a dog of your own. Interesting. That just might be the most redeeming thing about the movie.

Disney Mousekateers:

The New York Times reviews the music from Camp Rock.

Disney starlet Jordan Pruitt has partnered with Samsung to promote the Hope For Education. One essayist will win $200,000 worth of technology from Samsung and its partners for their school. Check it out on the web and on myspace and facebook.

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