Dancing with the Stars – Week Eight Results and Episode 100

I haven’t had a chance to watch the judge’s top 10 dances yet, but I did enjoy the jam packed, takes an hour to plug it, 100th episode.

I’m not going to give a blow by blow of the evening. I will say, however, that I watched more than I normally would. It was fun to see so many former contestants come back whether they were interviewed or actually danced. Anton and Julianne’s dance was incredible. And Mel and Maks’ dance was fun but extremely short. At least I’m guessing that it was short by how much of the band they showed.

Because of everything else going on, they didn’t have an encore tonight. So that probably means I’ll be batting zero when it comes to guessing results tonight.

They also didn’t reveal the bottom two, so most of my predictions were for nothing. Unlike my prediction (Marissa), it was Mario and Karina who left tonight. I did think he would be in the bottom two, so at least I was close.

Mario is a good dancer, but he was one of the weaker dancers left.

So as we head into the semi-finals, we have an equal number of men and women left. Should be interesting to watch how the next two weeks unfold.