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Animation Community Speaks out against changes to “its a small world”

The Imagineering Re-birth blog has posted the first in a collection of quotes from those in the animation community opposed to the changes coming to the Walt Disney classic attraction “it’s a small world.” Names like Pete Docter, Ralph Eggleston, and Mark Walsh mark some of the most senior talent from Pixar Studios. Others with many years of experience working for Walt Disney Feature Animation are also included.

Many of these artists still work for the mouse and are taking a significant risk in speaking out publicly. (Link)

“Mary Blair is one of the most remarkable artists of our time, and her work on ‘It’s a Small World’ one of her crowning achievements. The attraction is the result of many talented artists working at the peak of their creative powers. Restoration aside, I can’t imagine improving on the original ride.”
Pete Docter
Director / Monsters Inc

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2 thoughts on “Animation Community Speaks out against changes to “its a small world””

  1. I think that we should wait until we see what the actual changes are, there actually have been many over the years now on “it’s a small world” (note even according to the Disneyland Maps it is all lower case)

    Everyone said the same thing prior to the changes at Pirates of the Caribbean and prior to the changes at the Haunted Mansion, yet both turned out amazing and complemented what was already there, I think this will be the same thing, so why is everyone so afraid of it?

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for commenting.

    The difference between the updates to the POTC and Haunted Mansion attractions is that those changes were in keeping with the theme and story of the attraction. If Stitch had been added to POTC or HM we would be protesting just as much, I assure you.

    IASW is themed to “a child’s prayer for peace and world unity”. When you insert Disney characters into that you’re diminishing that theme. There is no way around it.

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