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Roy E. Disney’s Company Confused For Division of TWDC

Oops.  This piece about an acquisition by Shamrock Holdings calls the company "the investment arm of Walt Disney Co".  Uh, nope.  Shamrock Holdings, Chaired by Roy E. Disney, fronted by Stanley Gold as President, has been a significant player in the corporate history of what is now The Walt Disney Company, and both Roy and Gold have served on the Board of Directors, but the company is definitely not a an arm of TWDC.  It is Roy’s investment and activism vehicle.

And just to avoid any further confusion, Roy E. Disney is the son of the late Roy O. Disney who was a brother of Walt Disney and co-founder of what is now known at The Walt Disney Company.  Roy O. Disney served as a principal with the corporation from its founding essentially until his death shortly after dedicating Walt Disney World Resort.  Roy E. has, over the years, been heavily involved in the company’s animation business.