One voice, both parts, “A Whole New World” – Nick Pitera

Nick Pitera is a computer animation student who could also make a good living looping both the male and female vocals for Disney music videos.

Yep. That’s right he sings both parts to “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin. He’s done this with a number of songs including “Someday” from the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical.

4 thoughts on “One voice, both parts, “A Whole New World” – Nick Pitera”

  1. I’m totally underwhelmed by this; his pitch is poor, and you can tell that without a mike, he has poor support. And the female voice…that’s falsetto, and not really anything spectacular. Actually, this seems somewhat creepy.

  2. I’m going to refrain from quoting any American Idol judges, which means I won’t allow myself to use the words “pitchy” or “dreadful.” Or “dawg”…

    I’m actually not that impressed, though. He’s alright with the male voice, but I actually laughed out loud when he started the woman’s part.

    He’d have been better off singing the whole thing as himself.

  3. This vid is getting a lot of attention lately. Not sure why. It’s more odd than anything. Who is impressed by this? Is he actually in a recording studio? Allah forbid!

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