Disney’s Star Wars Weekends in June for 2nd Year

Although the change is not yet reflected on the official website, WDWNews and the Cast Member newsletter "Eyes & Ears" has the dates for the 2008 Star Wars Weekends and the first one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The dates are the weekends (Friday-Sunday) of June 6-29. Last year the event was moved from May weekends so as not to conflict with the official 30th anniversary celebrations. It looks like they saw something they liked and decided to leave it that way this year. Still, it would be nice to get the official dates announced more than 6 months in advanced so people can plan vacations, dining reservations, and the like.

There is an exciting rumor that the cast from the upcoming television series based on the films may be trotted out one of the weekends. There might also be some previews of the upcoming animated series as well.

The closer the event brings George Lucas and the Walt Disney Company the better, as far as I’m concerned. If everything proceeds on plan we’ll have a ‘Star Wars’ land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the next 10 years.