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Odd Disney News – Roundup

  • The Orlando Sentinel reveals some of the changes occurring at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World. Say goodbye to most of the live music, but some new shops and a mystery building appear close to opening.
  • The Walt Disney Company has announced that it is considering taking a larger stake in its Hong Kong Disneyland property. This may be just to show the majority investor, the Hong Kong Government, they company is serious about making the themepark a success.
  • I recently saw a copy of Hans Bacher’s Dream Worlds book on animation background art and production design. Can’t recommend this book enough for the animation fan.
  • Ray over on Grumpy’s Hollow has a great post up on whether quality will win out in the end. (Also see Ray’s review of his Victoria & Albert’s Chef’s Table experience). If you recall Ray was the winner of the Dream Mickey Mouse Ears hear on The Disney Blog last year.
  • The Ghost Relations blog has a look at some of the iron work that makes up the ornate balcony and railing of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.
  • Three actors (Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, and Barry Bostwick) from the Rocky Horror Picture Show are now lending their voices to Disney’s new animated series – Phineas and Ferb. That would make for an interesting cast party.
  • Wikipedia has a list of abandoned Amusement Parks. It includes the Disneyland knock-off Nara Dreamland and sadly has been growing longer recently.
  • Thanks to everyone who bid on my last batch of Disney items over on eBay. I’ve listed a new batch for this week. If you see something you like, please bid and help The Disney Blog.