Orlando Theme Parks Busy over Holidays

The Orlando Sentinel reports that despite the poor economic times visitors continued to flock to Central Florida’s theme parks and attractions over the holidays. The Hotels did okay too.

Both Walt Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando have had to close parks or
parking lots after reaching capacity in the days between Christmas and
New Year’s, traditionally the busiest time of the year.

At Disney World, Magic Kingdom’s gates were closed for a few hours
Monday, at least the third time in a week that was necessary, said
spokeswoman Kim Prunty.

Visitors staying at Disney’s resort hotels and those with annual passes
were still allowed into Magic Kingdom during the closures, but other
visitors were redirected to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studios
or Epcot, Prunty said

That’s not unusual for this time of year. But it’s not hitting the ball out of the park like Disneyland experienced at holiday time during it’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. Reports from all the parks this year indicated that crowds were big, but not unmanageable. (Link)

3 thoughts on “Orlando Theme Parks Busy over Holidays”

  1. It certainly was packed. I was at Animal Kingdom, and couldn’t figure out why it had gotten so crowded so quickly on Monday. The Epcot World Showcase starting at about 8pm Monday was completely out of control – they had staff every 3 feet trying to keep 2-way traffic going, but with shows going on at various showcases, the crowds were impossible to bypass.

  2. I actually don’t think it surprising because while I think there are some ominous signs out there and housing is surely one of them, the overall economy is pretty solid and people are not doing all that badly…

  3. Poor economic times? If the present economy can be defined as “poor economic times”, I have no idea how we will define real problems like double digit unemployment and inflation.

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