NYE from Hong Kong Disneyland

The HKDL Source has a report from New Years Eve at the park. Apparently the park was parked shoulder to shoulder, but perhaps the product mix was off:

As we were walking away, I saw this mob of black coated people standing
around. We went over so the little one could wish them a Happy New Year
(Yes, they were managers) I overheard a bit of a conversation before
the little one butted in (bad timing). One lady (read: Caucasian with a
heavy southern drawl) said they needed to do something different next
year. Maybe they should sell it as a "family" New Years! Duh! Then, the
unexpected (NOT) happened, a local manager said they should try to sell
it to the teen set! In walked the little one. End of conversation. I
wanted to shake the local! It’s not Ocean Park! It is a happy family
place. The Happiest Place on Earth! Advertise that! Get the little ones
in the park! I rarely see children! (OK, no soap box). They did all wish her a Happy New Year in return, and oh yes, have a magical day!

Better luck figuring out the park next year, I guess. (Link)