NYE from Hong Kong Disneyland

The HKDL Source has a report from New Years Eve at the park. Apparently the park was parked shoulder to shoulder, but perhaps the product mix was off:

As we were walking away, I saw this mob of black coated people standing
around. We went over so the little one could wish them a Happy New Year
(Yes, they were managers) I overheard a bit of a conversation before
the little one butted in (bad timing). One lady (read: Caucasian with a
heavy southern drawl) said they needed to do something different next
year. Maybe they should sell it as a "family" New Years! Duh! Then, the
unexpected (NOT) happened, a local manager said they should try to sell
it to the teen set! In walked the little one. End of conversation. I
wanted to shake the local! It’s not Ocean Park! It is a happy family
place. The Happiest Place on Earth! Advertise that! Get the little ones
in the park! I rarely see children! (OK, no soap box). They did all wish her a Happy New Year in return, and oh yes, have a magical day!

Better luck figuring out the park next year, I guess. (Link)

One thought on “NYE from Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. Tim Jennings

    Ah, the old debate…

    thinking should be done with,
    a, the brain
    b, the heart
    c, the wallet
    d, wait till next year and let the other guy work it out!

    Oh well…

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