Tuesday Roundup

Happy New Year. You know what that means? Less than a month until the premier of LOST. We know a few of them get off the island… but how?

  • The LA Times travel blog has a look at the ‘Cars Land‘ attraction that will be coming to California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort. Looks like the ‘race’ theme is gone and a tourism theme has taken its place. Don’t they remember SuperStar Limo?
  • CNN’s consumer specialist troubleshoots for a couple who used Disney’s Photopass service at Disneyland but waited until they got home to buy their CD. Unfortunately they found the at home price considerably more expensive than the in park price they were quoted. This has to happen to dozens of families each week.
  • Pixar’s WALL-E is getting lots of early buzz in the LA Times preview of the 2008 movie season.
  • Fans of Pixar can now visit PixarPlanet to get all the great Pixar news and info. Upcoming Pixar and Pixar Planet just merged and will combine their expert coverage.
  • The trend to combine toys with online services means parents have to be more vigilant warns this article. Disney is looking to be a big player in this area.
  • I share Kitty-Chan’s disappointment with the recent Oswald The Lucky Rabbit merchandise. I realize Disney doesn’t want him to compete with Mickey, but give the hare a chance. At least a Disney Ink Shop shirts perhaps?
  • I could link to every post by FoxxFurr over at Passport to Dreams blog. So I hope you head over there to day and read her New Year’s post then subscribe. It’s not a heavy volume, but I learn at least one amazing thing with every post.