Disney-MGM Studios changed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Website

The change over from Disney-MGM Studios to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is underway at the park and online. The official site for the park has just switched it’s logos over to the new name and logo (well most of the logo’s have been changed (the park map still hasn’t)). The official switch comes with the new year, but it will be phased in a bit as the holiday festivities wrap up through January 6th.

I guess the new shorthand will be just "The Studios" since "DHS" sounds like you’re waiting to be frisked at the airport or something.

2 thoughts on “Disney-MGM Studios changed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Website”

  1. I hate to see all these changes to many things that have been part of disney from the beginning. I assume changing MGM to hollywood is a way to get people to recognize the park since more people are likely to recognize the word hollywood over MGM. However, part of what makes Walt Disney World such a great experience is its uniqueness. If this keeps changing, then it’ll just be another tourist attraction. Another change that continues to bother me is the closing of the Alfredo restaurant. Originally it was a great place to eat and one of the best experiences at Epcot. Apparently, it was included in a free-dining plan with hotels and became another tourist restaurant that eventually led to a close. Shame on you, Disney.

  2. Disney has never approved of the park being called “MGM.” Cast members are told you are not allowed to call it that (although some do) and you must always refer to the park as “Disney-MGM Studios” or “The Studios.” I’m sure they are hoping with this change that calling the park “The Studios” will occer more frequently.

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