Disney’s Environmentality Holiday Ideas

Disney’s Environmentality program is wishing you "Seasons Greenings". I’m not sure how long this page has been up but it’s a wonderful guide from the green minded crew at Disney on how you can have a responsible holiday.

The page includes such conservation minded tips as:

Decorate – For some extra cheer – decorate with energy efficient mini-lights
rather than the larger, old fashioned lights. LED lights are available
at many major retailers.

Celebrate – Add organic and local foods to your holiday menu to support your local community. Decreased transportation needs help minimize the impact left on the environment.

Giving – Put the gift inside another gift such as a piece of Tupperware, decorative tin, baking pan, wrapped in a scarf, etc.

Shopping – Consider creating a homemade gift as a more personalized and longer lasting option for friends and family like painting a picture, or knitting a scarf.

Wait a minute. What have you done with the Disney company known for it’s rampant consumerism? Plenty more at the Environmentality page.

(Thank you @derekhouck)