Rumors of Wall-E moving into Tomorrowland

With early viewings of Pixar’s next film WALL-E coming back very positive, momentum is building to place an attraction dedicated to that movie in Tomorrowland. So far, so good. Movie tie-ins in the parks are a good thing in my book. The bad seems to be where they want to put it inside the existing Carousel of Progress buildings. That’s not such a big deal at Disneyland since the original Carousel of Progress was moved to Orlando and what remains is not a classic Disney attraction, but rather something more akin to a convention hall. But it is a big deal at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom where the attraction that was Walt’s favorite remains.

The move to replace CoP, an audio-animatronic heavy attraction with a positive view of the future, with one that looks to be another ‘movie screen’ attraction with a less than positive view of the future, is raising the ire of some Disney fans.

Right now I’m siding with the preservationists on this one. Go ahead and update the CoP with a new ending scene or with a new pre-show that explains the history a bit more (they actually do a decent job of this, but it’s hard to see and hear sometimes). But the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland has plenty of space to add in a new attraction without removing any of the old. That’s not the same case at Disneyland and the CoP was removed long ago.

All that said, the CoP has been rumored to be removed before (see the un-updated info dated 2005 on this attraction tribute page). The CoP still around, still attracting visitors, and there is still life in the idea that progress will improve our lives in the future.


As a bonus, it may just be a coincidence, but “Stuff From The Park” by Matterhorn1959 is featuring photos of Disneyland’s CoP today. Also read up on the attraction at Wikipedia and Yesterland.