Sunday Roundup – Sleepy Eyed Edition

Didn’t get enough sleep this morning as a rainy cold front crossed the state and woke me up early. Tomorrow will bring a high of 59 degrees. Burr that’s cold… for Florida at least.

  • MouseExtra muses about possible changes coming to the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot. Has anyone ever been truly happy with this pavilion? And Epcot Central is back with some more thoughts on the direction Epcot appears to be headed.
  • I’ve really enjoyed reading Kitty-Chan’s review of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit DVD set. Definitely adding that to my Xmas wish list.
  • Although the writers are all on strike, there is growing talk about a return to the world of Roger Rabbit, this time from the first film’s producer Frank Marshall. In the words of Captain Picard, “Make it so”. Please.
  • The case of the student who wore Tigger socks to school has been settled after the school district backed down.
  • The Disney Enquirer is back with it’s Disney Domains series that has now been featured in the Washington Post (congrats Michael!).
  • Jason over at TVSquad is still watching ABC’s Cavemen sit-com. He must be the only one. He claims it’s not as bad as everyone says. Faint praise indeed.
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