Devoted to Disney, Disneyphiles profiled

Having been the subject of one of these newspaper profiles before, I can say that this recent article in Newsday has a fairly even handed treatment of the world of Disney Fandom, aka The Disneyphiles.

Disneyphiles, as the entertainment company calls them, are people like the Summerfolds who can’t get enough of Orlando’s Magic Kingdom and other theme parks. They are the people who know the difference between Adventureland and Frontierland. The people who know the meaning of Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.) The people who probably even know which animated chipmunk is Chip and which is Dale (hint: the latter has a red nose.)

Most importantly, they are the people to turn to when planning a Disney vacation. Why? Because Disneyphiles hold the keys to the castle: They have developed strategies to avoid long lines for rides; compiled lists of the best restaurants; and gathered scoop on where Disney characters hangout for autograph hounds. In short, they seemingly have Disney know-how in their DNA.

For some of us that last part is more true than others. If you remember Disney itself is trying to tap into this collective knowledge with their recent ‘Disney Mom’ club.

The Disney Mom’s just had their orientation meeting at WDW last week. So I’d expect to see the site go active sometime soon, early in the new year at the latest.