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Women’s Murder Club: Granny Mules

It was just supposed to be a routine autopsy.  The only reason Claire had to do it was because the woman died on a plane after a vacation to Mexico.  However, the woman didn’t die in her sleep.  Instead, she died from the heroin balloon in her stomach.

Looks like someone is using senior citizens to smuggle drugs from Mexico into San Francisco.  And, as the bodies pile up, our women figure out that the drugs are tainted.  Now it’s a race against time to find the smugglers before more people die.

Now, since I have been complaining about Cindy, the reporter, not being part of the club and not being included, you’d think I’d be happy with the first episode where she was an unofficial part of the team and not trying to worm her way in.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t.  I liked their interactions.  The four leads continue to have great chemistry, and I love watching them interact.  But I felt Cindy had less to do tonight then she has in weeks past.

In fact, I felt Claire and Jill got short shafted, too.  Lindsay’s partner, Jacobi, got more screen time then the other three women.  I do realize that as the detectives, Lindsay and Jacobi will have the most to do each week.  But I hope they figure out some way to make the others import or even given them their own episodes.

Having said that, the show still had its humor.  I continue to laugh at Lindsay’s love life.  And my favorite line of the night was Lindsay to the cop who asked her out:  "Are you really asking me out over a corpse?"  Of course, it was followed closely by Claire’s line to the other two women.  "Nothing surprises me any more.  I take that back.  The detective that just asked Lindsay out over a corpse surprised me."

Then there were the residents in the retirement community where all the action centered.  The gentleman who kept hitting on Lindsay was quite entertaining.  And I felt so sorry for the woman who thought Lindsay was her daughter.

After mentioning Linda Park last week, she was no where to be found this week.  But filling the Star Trek guest star quota was Robert Picardo.  It was nice to see him again.

I’d say this is the weakest episode of the season so far.  But it was still entertaining.  I hope they find ways to really make the others a vital part of the show as the season progresses.