A few ‘MouseKeeping’ notes for the blog. 

  • If you own or write for a Disney blog (animation, theme parks, television, anything related to Disney) I’d like to invite you to join The Disney Fan Network. Just send me an email with your website URL for more information and an invite.
  • Don’t miss The Disney Blog’s shared links. It’s a list of Disney stories that I wanted to highlight, but didn’t have time to put in the blog.
  • Also, you can now follow us on twitter under TheDisneyBlog.
  • Finally, I’ve set up a tumblr account that unifies all the various threads, micro-media, and sub-blogs from The Disney Blog. It’s a one stop shop. I’ll probably going to have to take the ‘shared links’ out of tumblr since it isn’t attributing them very well. (Alas, it appears to be broken right now. But it’s cool when it works.)