Dancing with the Stars – Round 3 Results

So, shall we get to the results?

Encore – Jennie Garth & Derek Hough
I must say I am pleased with this decision. All five of the women’s dance were so strong that any of them really would have been acceptable (whether I liked them or not). But I was hoping to see Jennie’s Tango again. And it was just as great the second time around.

Bottom Two:
Wayne Newton & Cheryl Burke
Floyd Mayweather & Karina Smirnoff

Mark Cuban obviously has his fans. However, Floyd only had one point on him according to the judges, so it wouldn’t take much to land him in the bottom two over Mark.

However, Wayne was the one who left. I’m sorry to see him and Cheryl leave. However, he was the weakest dancer in the pack. I’m glad to see that fans didn’t save him.

And did you notice that they saved all the women before even getting to the men? I’m thinking that the voting is actually following the good dances this season. At least I hope so. That will mean that the best dancers will stay around until the end. Think what we’ll see during the finals.

2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars – Round 3 Results”

  1. I’m sorry to say it, but I was glad to see Wayne go. It was almost painful to watch him dance, and I felt bad for him. Felt bad for what the judges must be wanting to say and what they were struggling to hold back. I’m glad he went before Mark because I have a feeling that Mark may not be the best loser and when he goes it won’t be all that fun to watch. Now that Wayne’s gone he should know he’s not one of the stronger dancers and it should be less awkward if and when he goes.

  2. My feelings about Wayne are of the mixed emotion bag. He was obviously struggling and the weakest contestant, so he needed to go. But he was trying so hard, so I would have liked for him to stay.

    In the end, he was the one who needed to go. In fact, he should have gone last week.

    Yep, I’m wishy washy on this one. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you how normal that is. :)


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