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Cavemen in space!!!

Call me dangerman. I live on the edge. Yep, when everyone else has written off ABC’s new sitcom "Cavemen", I am bravely writing a review of the second episode. Of course, there are somethings you should know from the start. I haven’t seen a sitcom I’ve really liked since "Fraiser" went off the air. Not that there hasn’t been funny material out there, just that the half hour format has seemed pretty much explored to me.

Cavemen, despite the unique situation of the subject, does not attempt to explore those boundaries anymore either. However, I found episode two a much more servicable sitcom than the first attempt. What made this episode for me, however, was not the main storyline (a boring look at elistism when faced with corporatism in an IKEA like setting), but rather the sub-characters.

I really liked the fourth Cavemen’s outlook on life even just from his quick appearance in the kitchen. His attitude is more what I expected from the show in general, very similar to what we’ve come to expect from the commercials. The other storyline with Andy, the third caveman’s, attempt to get the girl down the hall to not be scared of him results in some funny moments.

But a few funny moments and a little promise does not a hit show make. 24 million tuned in to watch last weeks debut. I’m putting the over under on 12 million for this week.

Btw, "Carpoolers", which follows Cavemen, is a much better sitcom. I have three words to describe it, "The Truth Hurts." But it’s also funny. I wonder why I’m not reviewing that show.