Disney Imagineer and CMU ETC Founder talks about his cancer fight

Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch (home page), after being told he only has a few months to live since being diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer, gave a motivational and moving final lecture as a professor at CMU.

Pausch found CMU’s influential Entertainment Technology Center. His Alice program was responsible in large part for the Alice 3D Rendering system used to teach kids to program. He also worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and worked to design some of Disney’s most popular virtual reality rides (Aladdin and Pirates Of The Caribbean). His students have gone on to work at all the big names in Interactive Entertainment (EA, Disney, Pixar, Universal, to name a few).

There is a good story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. You can view the stream of Randy’s speech "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" here.

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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this. That video was pretty amazing. I live pretty close to the CMU campus, and although I didn’t know Dr. Pausch or see the speech live, I’m pretty sure I recognize him from seeing him around the neighborhood. That lecture was the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks again.

  2. Randy Pausch’s final lecture

    Sad news: Randy Pausch, director of the Alice Software Project, delivered his final lecture, “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, last week. Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch, after being told he only has a few months to live since…

    1. I saw Randy Pausch and heard part of his lecture tonight on Primetime with Diane Sawyer. My husband and I have been going through a tough patch for some time now with his health and diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. This past couple of months have been very difficult-our home is in foreclosure and the medical bills are piling up and food is difficult to get. Unfortunately, I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself over the past few months and thinking thoughts I should never think. I have questioned the reasons behind the plan for our lives. I have questioned whether God is hearing me when I pray and I know he is now. God directed me to watch this program and watch the full lecture on the internet. I have every reason to keep on because there is no guarantee for any of us in life. And as Randy Pausch said when Diane ask him what was the best part of his day, “I don’t know it isn’t over yet”. That is living. And like Randy I want to live every mintute to the fullest and I want to enjoy every minute I have left with my husband. I want to be strong for him. And as Mrs. Pausch said so eloquently, “It is what it is and I am at peace with it… I don’t like it…”.

      Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pausch. You have touched my life and my husband. You also have had a wonderful gift given to you Randy, you do get to “live everyday like you are dying…” . We should all do this; afterall we are all dying, but unlike you and my husband, most of us don’t know when. God Bless You.

      Sandy Morris

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