Wednesday Roundup – September 19

  • Disney announced yesterday that they’re making money in the theme park business. Who’da thunk? Apparently if you spend a money to do things right, you’ll reap gobs of it. MouseKingdom blog lays it out.
  • At least Disney plans to do something good with part of the profits. They’ve committed to providing at least $10 million to the Florida Children’s Hospital. As a result the Disney name and Imagineering touch will provide a very special place for sick children to heal. That’s one thing you can’t say bad about Disney or its cast members. They’re always heavily invested in helping non-profits in the community.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is still scheduled to be released in May 2008. But the release date for the third film in the series has already been pushed back.
  • ABC’s most anticipated new show this season is "Pushing Daisies". TV Squad has the details on two celebrity guests that will appear this season.
  • Sherri Shephard, the new co-host on ABC’s mid-morning show "The View", told her other co-hosts that she does not believe in the theory of evolution. Whoopi Goldberg then asked her if she thought the world was flat. Apparently, Shephard is not sure either way. Um, so Disney is now hiring people who couldn’t pass a sixth grade science test? I’m sorry, but they need to fire Shephard now and get someone in there who can think critically about things.
  • All of Hollywood is preparing for a strike from the Writer’s Guild that would put a halt to new production as soon as June. There was a bit of good news today as talks have resumed between the parties.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Roundup – September 19”

  1. Not to be rude, but it’s called the THEORY of evolution for a reason. It’s just that -a theory. Most of the famous theories floating around are famous because they are easily appliable and have provided great assistance in the understanding of the inner workings of the universe; the theory of evolution hasn’t nearly enough evidence or credibility to merit its high stature in scientific beliefs. it is my personal opinion, though it is of little consequence, that the theory arose out of attempts of extremely scientifically gifted individuals to diminish the rationality of morality. In other words, justifying actions that were contradictory to their conscience. And Darwin did not conjure up a new thing for this theory: the PROCESS of Evolution (different from the theory) is (in this writer’s opinion) part of the language of God’s design. We can clearly see small changes WITHIN species through breeding, environmental changes, and “natural selection” around the world, but never has there been conclusive evidence of full range transformations across species. If anyone wishes to believe the THEORY of evolution, I respect your decision and would hope that you would do the same for those who don’t. Anyways, keep up the good work on the blog, I read it every day!

  2. Also, just to clarify, the above comment was merely a rant of frustration at whoopi and was in no way directed at the author.

  3. Man, if anyone needed proof of evolution, check out that View clip on YouTube. “World round? Me not know. I fling poo now”. What a maroon.

  4. If anyone wishes to VIEW the THEORY of evolution at work I invite you to visit your local zoo. pri·mate (

    And not to be obvious, but John wasn’t even talking about her disbelieve in evolution. He was talking about her confusion about the shape, or lack there of, the planet or as you may refer to it, the round planetary THEORY.

    I’m not sure why you needed to begin your comment with “Not to be rude” nothing in it was rude, ignorant yes but not rude.

  5. I started with “not to be rude”, because I didn’t want people to think that I was insulting them for believing in the THEORY(which I capitalized for emphasis so as to avoid confusion with the process -I’m computer illiterate and I don’t know how to underline :) ) of evolution. I was merely calling for mutual respect between beliefs. And, not to be obvious, but not only was I not talking about John except for the props to the incredibly awesome blog at the end -as I stated quite clearly in my second comment, I was not referring to the planet discussion at all -that was obviously crazy. I made my first comment as a vent: After Sherri, who, granted, is quite zonky, stated that she does not believe in evolution, Whoopi came back with the “world is flat” question as if to say that people who do not believe in the theory of evolution are scientifically obsolete. That rubbed me the wrong way. It didn’t really get noticed by anyone else so I’m probably just looking into it too hard because I have no life. So, the only ignorance was yours, but it was only because of my sloppy and unclear writing… But, of course, you could have been calling my comment ignorant because of my view of evolution. Then, carlo, you are the problem I vented about in the first place.

  6. And furthermore no one has ever actually “seen” the complete concept of the theory of evolution at work, only details which can all be found in the natural process of evolution.The theory could easily be a giant exaggeration of the role of the process of evolution in the world. The fact that monkeys carry alot of similarities to mankind in no way, shape or form, proves hands down that we evolved from monkeys.

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