Wednesday Roundup – September 19

  • Disney announced yesterday that they’re making money in the theme park business. Who’da thunk? Apparently if you spend a money to do things right, you’ll reap gobs of it. MouseKingdom blog lays it out.
  • At least Disney plans to do something good with part of the profits. They’ve committed to providing at least $10 million to the Florida Children’s Hospital. As a result the Disney name and Imagineering touch will provide a very special place for sick children to heal. That’s one thing you can’t say bad about Disney or its cast members. They’re always heavily invested in helping non-profits in the community.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is still scheduled to be released in May 2008. But the release date for the third film in the series has already been pushed back.
  • ABC’s most anticipated new show this season is "Pushing Daisies". TV Squad has the details on two celebrity guests that will appear this season.
  • Sherri Shephard, the new co-host on ABC’s mid-morning show "The View", told her other co-hosts that she does not believe in the theory of evolution. Whoopi Goldberg then asked her if she thought the world was flat. Apparently, Shephard is not sure either way. Um, so Disney is now hiring people who couldn’t pass a sixth grade science test? I’m sorry, but they need to fire Shephard now and get someone in there who can think critically about things.
  • All of Hollywood is preparing for a strike from the Writer’s Guild that would put a halt to new production as soon as June. There was a bit of good news today as talks have resumed between the parties.