Morning Roundup – September 5th

  • The crew from the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s most recent mission will be feted at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom on Monday Sept, 10th. A schedule of events is here.
  • Jamie, who was found to be working on "High School Musical – On Ice" in Lakeland, FL has posted a picture from the final dress rehearsal of the production.
  • Here’s a little bit on Disney/ABC’s strategy for maintaining the ABC brand as it begins to move more and more online.
  • United Airlines hires a former senior customer service executive for the Disney Company. The goal, to revive the airline’s reputation for excellent customer service. Look for two-fingered points to be appearing on runways and in the cabins shortly.
  • Grauman’s Chinese Theater has been bought by a Hollywood developer that owns other property on nearby blocks. There are no plans to change the classic theater, but I wonder if this means Disney will take another shot at renegotiating the license for the building in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Maybe then they can move the Big Mickey Hat to somewhere where it doesn’t violate the theming of the park.
  • Three Animated Features from Amblin Entertainment, Steven Speilberg’s film company, are being released on a 3-disc DVD set. The titles included are "An American Tale", "The Land Before Time", and "Balto".  Yeah, I know it’s not Disney, but Disney and Amblin co-produced "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", and Fievel Mouskewicz is just too cute.
  • Meanwhile Steven’s partner Sparky Katzenberg has a thing for 3D animation. He just might be onto something there.