The return of EPCOT Center?

Okay I was pleased when Walt Disney World announced that there would be some sort of celebration for Epcot’s 25th Anniversary this October 1st. It showed the powers that be were finally coming to their senses. The 25th Anniversary for the second Disney park in Orlando and the first non-Magic Kingdom Disney park ever actually IS important. 

It didn’t sound like it would be much at the time, but something was better than nothing. So I was blown over when some details escaped from backstage today that are going to make Disney fans drool. An announcement was made and signage spotted that will turn Epcot back into EPCOT Center as soon as this week.

About a month ago I had spotted some t-shirts for sale in MouseGears with the old EPCOT Center logo on it. I thought, hey. That’s cool. Someone in merchandising gets it. But now I’m wondering if those weren’t the advanced guard for something else.

Now some signs with the old EPCOT Center logo has been showing up back stage with some targeted for installation onstage as part of the 25th Anniversary. I don’t know if this is a permanent thing, or just for the celebration of the 25th. Either way it’s a nice touch and a return to the original vision for EPCOT Center as a theme park. Let’s hope we see more of the same in the months to come.

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One thought on “The return of EPCOT Center?

  1. Clay

    Not to rain on the parade, but I’ve had a t-shirt with the old Epcot logos on them for several years, at least since 2001. It’s a gray shirt with the various logos of the Future World attractions on the front and the old EPCOT Center logo on the sleeve.

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