I’m not the only one happy about the celebration for EPCOT Center’s 25th

The sounds of joy reverberated around the halls of Disney fandom today. Jeff Pepper of 2719 Hyperion was one of the first back in February to ring the alarm that Epcot was planning no public celebration for the park that bears the name of Walt’s Florida dream. Now that an event is announced, Jeff can rightly take a little credit.

on October 1st, the anniversary of EPCOT Center’s opening day in 1982, the Disney Company will, despite the words of then Epcot Vice President Brad Rex some seven months ago, celebrate this very special day with a re-dedication ceremony and related festivities. They will Acknowledge the Legacy.

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always remarkable post.

Rachel at Will Think For Food is happy too:

It brings me great joy that Epcot Center–which has fallen into such embarrassing disrepair that Disney has been (until recently) trying to cover it up with a big ugly Mickey arm — will once again become what Walt Disney intended it to be: EPCOT Center, an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. 

EPCOT has always been my favorite. Dedicated to the spirit of innovation,
communication, and imagination, EPCOT made the future seem so exciting,
especially the possibility of desert farming, which just blew my mind
at the tender age of 6.

Here’s to the sincere hope that the recent rumblings in EPCOT signal a return
to Disney’s original sense of wonder at and celebration of the future.