Morning Roundup – August 21st

Happy Birthday Indigo! Did you know you share a birthday with someone famous? Christopher Robin Milne, yes that Christopher Robin from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, was born eighty-seven years ago today. Today is my son’s birthday, but you still have time to participate in The Birthday Contest and win a pair of Dream Mickey Mouse Ears or other great prizes.

  • People planning an Orlando vacation over the next 7-10 days might want to keep an eye on a tropical wave located just east of Puerto Rico right now. It could develop into a stronger storm and target Florida.
  • Chris’ Disney Blog has a wistful look back at the Disneyland’s Circle Vision 360 attraction. I agree, it’s sad that the west coast parks are missing out on this uniquely Disney attraction. Maybe they should go really retro and bring back CirCarAma, so named because the original camera was mounted on top of a car as they drove around.
  • Ben Watt attended the August 19th UK Premiere of Ratatouille. The film continues to get high marks from viewers and Ben is no exception. He does have an eagle eye for detail too and posts the clearest shot I’ve seen of the Pizza Planet truck easter egg. Ben was lucky, other Pixar fans in the UK will have to wait until October for the official release.
  • Continuing their website buying spree, ESPN has purchased This adds a Rugby News Site to the recently purchased Cricket News Site. Last year they purchased TrueHoops, an NBA blog. Again, I wonder who is next? Australian Rules Football?
  • Roger Moore at the Orlando Sentinel has tracked down an open audition, of sorts, where Disney is looking for Original Characters or Unique Personas to help them promote their "Adventures By Disney" product. Oh Maynard? Where R U?
  • Expanding Universes has a look at the growing trend of MMORGs aimed at kids and tweens. She calls Disney’s "ToonTown" MMORG a success, although I’ve heard that questioned from time to time.