You know you’re a Cast Member when…

Here’s a funny list. It’s not mine, I stole it from Chris who stole it from ??? who probably stole it from someone.

You know you’re a Cast Member when:

  • All your conversations start with “One time at Disney . . .”
  • You never point with one finger.
  • You’ve worked with or lived with people from every state and at least 5 other countries.
  • You know where all of your friends are every Monday night.
  • You know that “my Friday” could easily fall on a Tuesday (and it probably does).
  • Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Earl of Sandwich… enough said.
  • You can calmly say “Yes, the wait really is 30 minutes” 50 times within 10 minutes.

  • You know what an alpha-unit is.
  • You know what a protein spill is, and you can smell Voban from 50 feet away.
  • You speak fluent ‘radio’: 101, 102, 103, 56, 10-4, 10-9 . . .
  • You know where someone can find any Disney character at any time (or at least CHIP knows).
  • You know what CHIP is.
  • You never wait for more than 10 minutes for any attraction.
  • Anything heartwarming that happens is now a “Magical Moment.”
  • You can spot a hidden Mickey anywhere.
  • You regret not having a FastPass every time you have to wait in a line.
  • You know it’s a costume, not a uniform.
  • You can spot a Mickey antennae on any car that is a mile away.
  • You can recite preshows and even entire attraction spiels without even thinking about it.
  • You have saved a baby elephant from deadly poachers several times.
  • You use the following terms in normal conversation: ADO, ER, MK, the tunnels, DAK, PI, Vista, Commons, Chatham forgetting that no one has a clue what you’re talking about.
  • You start friendly conversations with complete strangers.
  • You know how to perfectly plan your day so that you can see both Illuminations and Wishes.
  • You avoid skipping class more than 3 days in a row and 9 times in 90 days for fear of being kicked out of class.
  • Anytime you go anywhere you wonder what the story is behind the particular place.
  • "The Man" now becomes “The Mouse”.
  • You know the colors of all the Monorails.
  • Any WDW commercial brings a tear to your eyes.
  • You know that one of the nighttime shows that is impossible to miss is the “Stroller Races down Main Street”.
  • You have the overwhelming urge to offer to take people’s pictures.
  • You know how to smile and politely answer the question “Why is it raining?” (YES, we seriously get that one.)
  • You think nothing of walking up to lost people and offering directions.
  • You can spend a day at WDW without going on any rides and you still have the time of your life.
  • You have seen the backside of water.
  • Guests ask you for directions… when you aren’t in costume.
  • You can speak Spanish…or at the least the Spanish part of the monorail. “Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.”
  • You know what “EPCOT” stands for.
  • It’s not unusual to have lunch at a pub in England and have dinner at a sushi bar in Japan while stopping at Norway for a quick dessert.
  • You can drive a Pargo like a race car.
  • You love using doors that open “Automagically.”
  • You know that Ghiardelli’s gives away free chocolate…and you have a hat to get that second piece…
  • You know how to answer the question “Do you know what time the 3 o’clock parade is?” (Most common asked question!!!)
  • You know where all the dirty references are in each and every disney movie!! (Yes, there are many of them!!!)
  • Not “customers”, but “guests.”
  • You know what it is like to actually “live” where you work.
  • When the mouse becomes the rat.
  • When all customer service sucks outside.

7 thoughts on “You know you’re a Cast Member when…”

  1. It worries me how many of these I answer “yes” to, and I’m NOT a cast member.

    Admittedly, I did have a guest come up to me last weekend at DL and start to ask me a question. That’s with me in a Hard Rock polo and jean shorts….

  2. Been gone for 2.5 years and can still answer ‘Yes’ to most of that stuff.

    People approach me everywhere for directions and to take their pictures. I don’t think I will ever shake loose this look that I am glad to help you out.

  3. LMAO the 3:00 parade is a question my husband asked a vendor..she loved it, but never answered…..(it depends where you are standing)

  4. I totally agree with you Dan! It’s kinda scary how much of that stuff I know, and I’m definitely not a cast member – I’m only 14! I know at least 75% of the stuff on that list!

  5. i trained my 5 year old nephew the 2 fingered point – my sister hates me!

    i think he’s a disney cast member in the making!

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