High School Musical 2, subversive left wing propaganda or good clean fun?

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times echoes Kitty-Chan’s article from yesterday on Disney’s new breed of tolerance in High School Musical 2 and the intolerant reaction from some on the right-wing side of politics. Here’s the money quote,

"As one parent and certified Disney-phile told me Monday, ‘As wholesome and family-friendly as these films are, both ‘High School Musical’ films promote tolerance, interracial dating and rejection of elitism — all ‘liberal’ themes that drive those religious right-wingers nuts.’"


5 thoughts on “High School Musical 2, subversive left wing propaganda or good clean fun?”

  1. I’ll try to be as politically correct in this comment as possible, especially since my ire is not directed to The Disney Blog, but rather the originator of the quote from Roeper’s article. I consider myself to be a “religious right-winger,” and neither myself or any of my right-wing friends would consider anything in HSM to be liberal themes.

    Of course, we don’t go out of our way looking for conspiracies, as wackos on both sides of the political spectrum do.

  2. I thought it was filled with right-wing propaganda: Respectful kids, working hard and enjoying school. Plus a golf resort. We don’t have that stuff out here on the left.

    We do have a lot of song and dance numbers though.

  3. It would appear to me that left wingers such as Richard Roeper believe their own press. Themes like tolerance, respect for people who are different than ourselves, rejection of eletism are all central to the Christian faith. Has Mr. Roeper ever heard of the “Golden Rule”? With regard to elitism, Romans 3:23 can’t be any more true: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God…” and right in line for the theme of “rejection of elitism”. We all need help!

    What does drive me “nuts” are people who, in the name of tolerance, have a lack of tolerance for people who hold conservative values and beliefs. Our “right wing” family loved both High School Musical movies and the biblical values they promote.

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