Disney’s hotels all to go ‘green’?

Will all of Disney World’s hotels meet the ‘green’ standards set forth by the Florida Green Lodging Association in time for next Earth Day? The activist group Florida Alliance for Healthy Indoor Environment claims that Disney has pledged to do so, but a Disney spokesperson says she hasn’t heard of any pledge.

Back in April I reported on The Disney Blog that there was a a push from the Center for Health and Environmental Justice to get Disney to make just such a pledge. That was the work of Lois Gibbs, who did good by bringing the Love Canal toxic waste scandal to light. Looks like The CHEF and FLHIE are now working together. (article author Heather Wilson appears to work for both organizations too.)

Since the previous announcement was a bit of a PR Stunt, I have to wonder how much of this claim is as well. But Disney has shown in the past they’re committed to the environment and lead the state in certified green hotels, so it just may be that Disney has set a goal of Earth Day 2008.

2 thoughts on “Disney’s hotels all to go ‘green’?”

  1. Thanks for posting this, John.

    I remember your issues from the earlier post and I couldn’t agree more. I assume that Disney is being “attacked” because they are such a large company with numerous hotels. And it would make a good PR story for the Center.

    I applaud Disney for their Environmentality. Frankly, they have done more than most companies!

  2. It seems when it comes to the environment it doesn’t really how much you’ve done to date it matters what have you done lately.

    So, for these environmentalist groups, they don’t care that Disney has done more to date than anyone else, they want them to do more and expect them to do more probably because of how large they are AND because of how much they’ve already done.

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