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Submarine Voyage Cast Member in the Paper

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Barbara Giasone of the Orange County Register gives us another profile of a Disneyland cast member.

"Finding Nemo" captain/trainer Jeremiah Allen of Fullerton will tell you piloting the eight yellow submarines that circle a Tomorrowland lagoon is no easy task.

"You have to continually make sure the audio matches the visual," said Allen, 27, who spent three months working with Disney Imagineers before the ride opened June 11. "And each sub operates differently along the track."

Disneyland officials refrain from explaining the inner workings of the 12-minute ride for which park guests are willing to wait up to five hours. But Allen and the crew maintain the "magic" with precise maneuvers.

Last week, the Fullerton College student trained Jason Vera, 21, to use the joystick-style mechanism that controls the proper speeds for each sub. For example, some subs may be slower in loading passengers and throw the timing off.