Morning Roundup – July 24th

  • The 50 Greatest Quotes from Walt Disney World‘s shows and attractions are at
  • Port Canaveral has been the host port for Disney’s two cruise ships since a contract to build a custom terminal for the floating theme parks was signed in 1995. Negotiations are on-going between the two parties to continue that relationship, but Disney is adding two new, and larger, boats to its fleet, which is adding some additional needs. Port Canaveral is the closest port to Walt Disney World, so it’s unlikely Disney will move away completely, but they probably need some flexibility with the expanded fleet.
  • Roy E Disney’s yacht Pyewacket wins the transpacific yacht race to Hawaii. Roy Pat Disney, Roy E’s son, was the skipper this time.
  • In a letter to the editor published in the Orlando Sentinel, WDW resort executives Meg Crofton and Al Weiss chime in on the debate over whether to build $1.1 billion dollars in arts, sports, and entertainment venues for the city of Orlando. They think it’s a good idea and key to bringing Orlando and central Florida along into a new vibrant economy.
  • Orlando television chopper pilot Dan McCarthy has filmed a helicopter tour of the Walt Disney World resort. He can’t take you into all the areas, as some are in protected airspace, but it’s still a great video tour.
  • The Hollywood Reporter conjures up a reported remake of Escape To Witch Mountain. Andy Fickman will direct the remake of the 1975 film that featured two siblings with special powers who were on the run from forces that wanted to use their powers for evil. Looks like eventually all the cheesy Disney films from the 70s are slated to be remade, is nothing from my youth sacred?
  • Cartoonbrew posts some rare color footage of the 1941 animators strike at Walt Disney Studios. There’s even a clip of Walt Disney driving past with a very angry look on his face.