Disney turns its back on futurism…

It was as though the people at Disney were throwing up their hands and saying, "The year 2000 is just around the corner! Without flying cars we’ve got nothing! Check your parent’s attic, there must be something cool up there!"

Matt at Paleo-Future pins 1997 as the date Walt Disney Imagineering gave up on the future. That was when construction began on the new Tomorrowland at Disneyland, that really wasn’t about tomorrow at all. Now the future is all about the past. A good thing when you’re love is Paleo-Futurism.  (Read)

2 thoughts on “Disney turns its back on futurism…”

  1. 1997? why not 1992? disneyland’s retro tomorrowland was essentially just a copy of eurodisneyland/disneyland paris’s discoveryland, which opened in 1992.

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