Morning Roundup – July 6th

  • According to Box Office Mojo, Ratatouille continies its low boil at the box office. It’s so far pulled in over $78 million in world wide gross over the first six days. Transformers is proving to be tough competition, but Ratatouille should get a firm second place this weekend as word of mouth spreads and all The Disney Blog readers go out to see it for a second or third time.
  • Rebekah blogs about it and posts some amazing video of it. See 1000 new American citizens get naturalized at Walt Disney World.  Congratulations to everyone involved for a very moving event.
  • The Investor Business Daily has a retrospective on the life of Walt Disney. I can’t get over how odd this is. Maybe I’m missing the context of the article. I know he is still influential, heck I’m writing a blog named after him,  but there is just no point to this article other than to extole the virtues of Walt.  Anyone have a clue? It’s not his birthday.
  • Rob Conery has written a cute little piece about how not to let The Wiggles take over your life if you’re the parent of a toddler. I’ve been blessed so far with a child who has varied interests and never focuses on one show over another.
  • Global By Design looks at Disney’s new attempt at Globalism. Instead of exporting a brand or a product and expecting it to play the same in Mumbai as it does in New York City, the Disney company is going into a country, learning about it and then rebranding and repackaging to fit the new culture. Obviously they should have done more of this in China before building Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • Speaking of Hong Kong Disneyland, looks at the chief competitor to HKDL and how it revamped it’s marketing program to compete, even beat, Disney at its own game.