Morning Roundup – May 29th

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We had friends in town and enjoyed showing them around Walt Disney World. This is usually a busy weekend, but I didn’t notice atrociously long lines anyway. 

  • Tomorrow though June 4th is Gay Days 2007 at Walt Disney World. Be prepared for ultra busy parks as the 100,000+ visitors to the Orlando area tend to add to the attendance of one particular park each day.
  • Jenny Lerew points to a Michael Barrier essay on the animation of the famous Pluto fly-paper series. It’s always amazing to me to see how the original masters did their work.
  • Buena Vista Television is now named Disney-ABC Domestic Television (or ABC Studios for short). It’s sad to see the names the original Disney Brothers, Walt & Roy, set up to manage their companies going away. Bob Iger, you do know what you’re doing right?
  • A luxury hotel project never gets off the drawing board in the Disneyland Resort Area. The LA Times looks at the economic issues that are at play. The Sacramento Bee weighs in on the Housing Issue with an editorial that is short on both facts and opinion….
  • BroadwayWorld has an exclusive video up that looks behind the scenes of Animal Kingdom’s Finding Nemo – The Musical.