Pirates Of The Caribbean Rules the Box Office

According to BoxOfficeMojo.com Walt Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End earned $126 million through Sunday. That puts it on a pace to beat the previous record for Memorial Day Weekend and, possibly, to become the highest grossing film ever. What’s more if you add in the worldwide grosses and the film is already over $332 million. Now that’s some Pirate booty!

The second film in the series, "Dead Man’s Chest", opened with $135 million. That turned out to be about 1/3rd of the films final total domestically. Applying the same formula for the third film it should have a domestic box office of over $460 million when it’s done. That will place it at #2 on the all time domestic list behind Titanic and ahead of Star Wars: A New Hope.

Critics generally rated the film poorly, but fan response has been enthusiastic. Since it’s the fans who are planning to return and see the movie multiple times, I say this Pirate theme just might have legs for the Mouse House.