Morning Roundup – May 26

  • National Bingo Night had another strong episode tonight. Ed Sanders was a great host that obviously connects with the contestants. The editing was smoother and the new games were a lot of fun. I have one suggestion for the producers, since the last game only results in another chance to win for the viewers, why not make everyone who plays all three games eligible for the prize drawing.
  • Disney is keeping ESPN Radio and Radio Disney, but it’s other Radio properties will be spun off for acquisition by Citadel in June.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington pled no-contest to misdemeanor drunken driving. Ty, if you’re reading this, drunk driving is not cool. My wife and I were hit by a drunk driver who barely made it 40 ft from the bar before nearly totaling our vehicle and giving us live long injuries. That’s not the type of Extreme Makeover you want to give anyone.
  • Bonnie Goldstein posts scans from the 1943 Studio Employee Manual and contrasts it with the current battle by Walt Disney World Cast Members to earn a respectable contract.
  • "What Time Is It?", the first song from High School Musical 2 is out.
  • Maurice Reeves found some Disney Knock Off DVDs.  Interesting to see how close some of these productions dare to come to Disney’s movies. The stories, of course, are public domain. So that’s fair, right?