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Walt Disney World Rumors galore!

Blue Sky Disney is out with a big roundup of rumors for development over the next 6-7 years at Walt Disney World. Among the big rumors are

  • a third water park (didn’t they close River Country a few years ago?),
  • a new name for Disney-MGM Studios (Disney-Pixar Studios), some rebranding, a new Star Tours film (finally!) and a host of new attractions, and
  • no new e-tickets for Magic Kingdom, but maybe a parade.

Also, with Joe Rohde’s rise at WDI, serious change at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is possible, but Beastly Kingdom is still only an outside chance due to the expense. But one rumor Blue Sky didn’t list is a new night parade at DAK for 2008 called "Rivers Of Light". This would be yet another Steven Davison led production, so that has me excited.

I’m a little miffed that EPCOT won’t have it’s 25th anniversary celebrated. But it looks like all anniversary celebrations are off the table with the 10th year for Disney’s Animal Kingdom getting the axe. Don’t look for any numbered events at the Magic Kingdom either until nearer the 50th.