Back in the Day at WDFA – 1983

Steve Hulett, current of The Animation Guild Blog, used to be an animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation. He recently posted some reflections back to the year 1983, (part 1 and part 2) the last year before Michael Eisner and Sparky Katzenburg made their influence known and the WDFA of old was gone forever.

There are great pictures in there including this one of a young Joe Ranft posing with Tim Burton (who appears to be bleeding from the mouth, fake blood? or the secret WDFA Fight Club?)

Also read today’s story about an opening day viewing of Star Wars back in 1977 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

1 thought on “Back in the Day at WDFA – 1983”

  1. actually, I heard that when Tim Burton was working for disney he used to take teeth out and bleed all over himself. Ok, it was either teeth or the cotton from where he had teeth pulled. Either way he used to bleed on himself. I don’t remember his reasoning. It may be fake blood too who knows…cool pic though

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