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Morning Roundup – May 23rd

  • Some little movie opens tomorrow night. Here in Orlando there’s a big merchandise event where people paid big bucks to be the first public audience to see the movie at Midnight Thursday, alas now that the debut has been moved up to 8PM Thursday, these guests are understandably upset that their time hasn’t been moved up as well. Come on Disney, you still have time to do right by these folk.
  • The Orlando Sentinel has a nifty little feature on local actors and stuntmen who played a part in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Check out the photo gallery too.
  • Scott Powers at the Sentinel was able to confirm the rumors of the shake-up at Walt Disney Imagineering. The big shift going from focusing on making the parks as magical as possible to spreading the magic to other parts of the world.
  • With the impending doom for Fort Wilderness and the arrival of the Pirates Lair, there is a nice tribute to Tom Sawyer Island over on MousePlanet. Apparently my Grandfather Vic Greene was at one time the Art Director for the whole Frontierland Area (and if you get that joke you spend too much time at the Billies). Well you learn something everyday.
  • FilmIck has the full trailer to Enchanted. Looks good, better than I thought.
  • The Childrens Place has negotiated a new licensing agreement with Disney after earning big profits. $175 million will be spent to renovate a number of Disney Stores and certain benchmarks must be met or the company will have to pay Disney a fine.
  • ABC has a great May Sweeps winning them for the first time since 2000. Disney owns Sunday nights again, although not quite the same way they used to.

There’s a great story on LOST over on ABC News. Expect the book to be closed on Season three in tonight’s finale.  If you’re still a Lost fan, are you watching it live or on DVR? If you were a Lost fan once, but strayed, will the changes for the last two seasons bring you back?