Fort Wilderness to be demolished

Word is out that Disneyland will begin the demolishing of Fort Wilderness as soon as next week. It’s been closed to the public for 5 years and sadly will head to yesterland permanently shortly.

Here’s a picture of Uncle Walt and my Grandfather Vic Greene surveying the construction of Fort Wilderness. In Walt’s mind he was already seeing families enjoying the feel of the western frontier and life in the fort. I like to think of Walt out there still looking over the various projects going on at the park. Having a tree moved here or there, changing the way something looks because it’s more authentic.

So thanks to all the Imagineers and Cast Members who worked so hard to make Walt’s vision a reality. And now another piece of it slips away.

3 thoughts on “Fort Wilderness to be demolished”

  1. Say it isn’t so! I suppose it’s considered “underutilized real estate” in today’s kingdom, but so sad to see another part of Walt’s dream drift away. I remember it well from many years as a child climbing the Island and as a Cast Member, paying occasional Island visits. Wonder how many people who work there these days even know the Island was designed by Walt himself?

  2. Walt’s dream was for Disneyland to be constantly changing. If Disneyland continued to see change at the same rapid pace it did from 1955 to 1965, Fort Wilderness would probably have been taken down long ago.

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