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Cautious Optimism from Disney’s critics

The Imagineering Re-birth blog hopes they may be out of business.

Regardless, the announcement is a substantial one and could signal the
beginning of the end of WDI’s paranoiac, toxic and grade school culture
as well as set the stage for the renaissance of WDI into the creative
powerhouse and industry leader it once was.

As the days progress
look for more restructuring at Imagineering. As Bruce has made clear
his feeling that many in creative have been miscast, you can bet that
more internal re-org memos will be hitting the inboxes at WDI for a
while. And with them a much needed boost to morale at 1401 Flower.

Perhaps it is a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow after all!

We can only hope!

1 thought on “Cautious Optimism from Disney’s critics”

  1. I wonder if they will be able to come up with new story lines for rides now instead of, “Hurry and (find/capture) X in this (time machine/vehicle)!”

    Seriously though, seems like exciting times ahead!

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